What can an electronic water descaler do for me?

A water descaler electronic can bring many benefits to your home. This article will show you why an electronic water scaler should be a part of your home safety plan.

But what exactly is an electronic descaler for water?

An electronic water descaler deals with limescale deposits caused hard water. About 60% of UK homes are affected by this problem. Other methods, like magnetic descalers or Ion Exchange Softeners, are often more expensive and less efficient.

The Best

It effectively reduces the “scum” within sinks or baths.

Use chemical to soften water

Low cost solution.

Responsible for maintaining pipes within the house. This includes boilers storage tanks, radiators.

It is simple to fit. No moving parts.

Low maintenance.

Indicates internal and external system failures.

It does not affect the chemical composition or water quality.

Enjoy the benefits from softened water, e.g. The water is gentler to the skin.

Avoid using environmentally-destructive cleaning materials

You can reduce heating costs by using less fuel. The flow of limescale is also reduced.

When will I begin to feel the benefits

The unit will soften your water immediately after it is installed. This will prevent limescale accumulation from happening again. Limescale deposits that have grown over many decades are more difficult to get rid of, but they will dissolve as softening water flows through the pipes. It can take up to a month to remove limescale, but considering that some of these deposits have taken decades to accumulate, it is an easy process.