Storage Potential Management

Without proper storage potential management it is virtually impossible to maintain the high information speed of modern EMC storage environment. Below are 7 factors to be aware of when you prepare a storage program, Helpful resources!

one. The Trade Applications

Anyone who wants to increase the storage capacity of their business can use a variety of resources. PerfMon, which is a Windows efficiency monitor resource, allows you to use a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Open Places of Work Calc to track the total area of your disk and the level of disk that remains.

This option isn’t available for larger enterprises. You can also find many other SRM and capacity-setting tools and calculators.

Here’s the key: Establish how advanced your facts need to be and ensure that you have all the necessary equipment to explore your environment’s expansion.

two. Two.

When you’re estimating the EMC storage system you require or setting up the storage space you may need in the future you must consider the full amount of storage you will need. This is not what your system reports to be available. Calculate the Uncooked storage requirements in comparison to what you need for USABLE storage. RAID 10 is an example. You will need twice the disk storage as knowledge to allow for mirroring. RAID 5 simply requires you to divide the storage capacity by 0.755 (or multiply by 1.33 if using a 3-disk RAID array).

More, ensure that for every GB of additional disk storage, you have adequately sized the required disk and the storage required to provide disaster restoration storage capacity and backups. With this information, you can make educated choices about the types and ranges of disks.

3. Arranging With the Previsible Future

Next, it is important to assess the data storage progress amount of your EMC array. This may be done monthly or annually, depending on how complex your EMC storage environment is.

There are many ways to estimate these numbers. You can use your log documents, or computer software onboard your EMC storage system. Additionally, spreadsheets and arranging devices can be used to extrapolate the future storage requirements. Although it is quite expensive to set up computer software or any other specialized management, you can quickly ascertain expansion rates.

EMC Snapview is a tool that allows you to quickly create point-in time copies of your data and clones.