Plant Spirit Shamanism-The Medicinal Trees of the Amazon Rainforest

The’shaman’s diet’ refers to the work of teacher plants. The diet prepares the body to absorb the powerful knowledge of teacher plants and to expand the consciousness. Visit before reading this.

The mind creates the illusion we are separated from reality every day. It protects our minds from seeing the vastness and infiniteness of the universe. Unprepared access to truth could cause a major shock to our system.

It poses a serious challenge for the Western rational mind to accept the teacher plants. To incorporate the other’ consciousness of the tree, it takes imagination. Dream language or imagination can open up the magical world of plants to us. As such, dreams and imagination can be used as gateways to the plant spirit.

Some of the Medicinal Plants of the Amazon Rainforest.

Mocura: taken orally or in floral treatments to increase energy. Also helps to end a saladera (a run-of-bad luck, inertia and a sense that you’re not living your life fully). You will feel mental strength from this plant. Mental strength is useful for countering shyness, finding one’s personal value, and authority. There are many medicinal properties, including asthma, bronchitis reduction, cholesterol and fat loss. Its other property is its ability to eliminate excess fat.

Pinon Colorado, this plant helps you dream while you sleep. It has a brief-lasting effect after consumption. Pinon Colorado may also be used as a “planta maestra” (teacher plant). Some of the medicinal properties include treating insect bites and staches, vaginal infections and bronchitis. You can take the resin that is stronger, but it is toxic if you ingest too much. The resin can be applied directly onto the skin.

Chirisanango – This plant is good to heal colds and arthritis. This plant can be used as a bath to increase luck, good fortune, and help with hunting, fishing, and other pursuits. This planta geniusa allows people to open their hearts to animals and humans, and can identify with each other as brothers and sisters.

It grows mostly in the Upper Amazon. Only a few restingas are found in Lower Amazon. The shamans believe that plants have a connection to nature because they receive their nourishment from the earth. They enable us recognize ourselves and allow us to identify ourselves. To heal others, a Shaman must understand this. Chirisanango stands for self esteem. This is our ability to recognize and love ourselves.

The shamans believe that this plant opens us up to the shamanic path. But, that assumes that we are ready to live according to the rules. To do this, we need courage and to not be afraid of negative or challenging situations. We must be aware of our role in society.

Guayusa can be used to reduce acidity, stomach problems and other bile-related issues. It is also both energizing as well as relaxing, and can help you develop mental strength. This plant also produces lucid dreams. Because you can see your outer surroundings even when asleep, the plant is known as the “watchman’s flower”.

Also, the experience I had with this herb was quite remarkable. I found that the line between sleeping and awakening was much more fluid than I thought. Even now, after I’ve taken the plant, my dreams seem more vibrant, richer, lucid, and vivid than before. This plant is perfect for people who love to dream.