Hardwood Floor Care

Hardwood Flooring Chicago are an attractive focal point of many Houston homes. They can be made from a variety woods and come in almost any color or finish. Although hardwood floors are very durable and resist traffic, it is important to maintain their beauty for many years.

Maintaining hardwood floors in a clean, dry environment is key to maintaining their beauty. Dust, dirt and other debris can build up on hardwood flooring’s surface and cause it to become dull. The floor will eventually become duller if it is allowed to collect dirt from the surface. If left unattended, this can lead to the floor becoming stained and expose raw wood. You can keep a good layer of wax on your floors to prevent any accidental spillages from reaching the wood. Keep your floors clean with a speedier mop and a product like.

Hardwood floors have the greatest problem. They can easily be scratched by everyday life. Be careful when moving things on hardwood floors. If you live on hardwood floors, don’t drag any heavy items or furniture across them. You can use large area rugs to cover heavy furniture. Also, keep pads under furniture legs as they will be moved when they are sat upon. They will dig into wood if they aren’t protected. Large dogs can damage hardwood floors if their toenails click when they walk. Even small cats and dogs can cause damage to hardwood floors. Clip their toenails that are scratching your hardwood floors. You can provide a door mat for people to use to clean their soles on the hardwoods.